Friday, August 19, 2011

Diversion 1.2 (v1.2) Android Apk Game

For This apk is: Diversion 1.2 (v1.2) Android Apk Game In this article, we will cover the two ways you can install APK files to your Android phone and show you how to take advantage of the wide variety of third Diversion 1.2 (v1.2) Android Apk Game Copy the APK file to your Android's memory card and insert the card into your phone. Download and install Diversion 1.2 (v1.2) Android Apk Game.

Or if you Confuse how to Run the apk here the istructions.
If you are new to Android and looking for a way to test some of the currently available Android applications, here is how to proceed : 1. First get the Diversion 1.2 (v1.2) Android Apk Game and unzip it somewhere on your hard drive

2. Add SDK_ROOT to your system variables pointing to /tools folder under the sdk

3. Run the emulator

4. Copy the Diversion 1.2 (v1.2) Android Apk Game file to /tools folder

5. Change directory to /tools and run from commandline $adb install your_application.apk

6. Now check applications list in the emulator and you should see the new application installed and ready.

Some pointed me to the error message when running adb on windows : * deamon still not running * error: no device.

In this case try to shutdown adb server and start it manually using : $adb kill-server

$adb start-server

You can test if deamon is working by running $adb shell

The uninstall procedure is

$adb shell rm your_application.apk

Hope this help, enjoy Diversion 1.2 (v1.2) Android Apk Game!

Diversion v1.2
Requirements: for Android version 2.1 and higher
Overview: Diversion is the ultimate 3D platformer for Android with 3 unique worlds, 100 levels, and 150+ characters to unlock and collect!

- Challenging gameplay requires timing and puzzle solving
- Boss battles!
- 100 Levels
- 3 Unique 3D Worlds
- 150+ fully-animated playable characters to unlock and collect
- Lush 3D environments
- Physics powered by PhysX
- 3rd person camera: see all the action
- Different every time you play!
- High Resolution graphics
- Play your own music

Be amazed at what you can do : run, jump, climb, hang, swim, zip, slide, and even fly! As you progress through levels you'll unlock more challenging gameplay and hazards, including: spikes, chasms, zip-lines, slides, ledges, holes, buttons, spiderbots, bouncer bombs, water, laser walls, meteors, security drones, aliens, mutant sharks, chompers, stompers, lava, steam vents, vents, reversers, stoppers, portals, spike rollers, and more! 100 challenging levels will require timing and puzzle solving skills to complete and unlock the 150+ playable characters including: Ninja, Alien, Rocket, Karate, Robo, 60s, Zombie, Burglar, Tiger, Egyptian and even the Freaky Chicken and Future Banana!

Will this be your next Diversion?

Note: Diversion is a graphically intensive game and a high powered device is recommended.

TROUBLESHOOTING: If you’re having trouble installing, try saving to internal phone memory first. To do this, unmount your SD card and download the game. Then remount your SD card and move the game to the SD card.

EVO 3D and Sensation owners there is a known issue and we have a room full of monkeys with typewriters working on a fix.

Recent changes:
- World 4 (first 10 levels - more to come!)
- New endless bonus level 11
- New characters: Red Dragon, Future Cool, Funky Pirate, Space Drone, Tribal Green, Headless Knight, and more!
- Redeem codes for in-game prizes: gem packs, characters, levels
- Purchase Gems packs (any gem pack purchase will remove all the banner ads - forever!!)
- Level unlock fixes
- New obstacles: laser floor, timed platforms, land mines, green goo, and more
- Different x2 characters for Endless Bonus levels

Download Instructions:

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NB if You Confuse How to install Diversion 1.2 (v1.2) Android Apk Game Download Now And How to Install the Diversion 1.2 (v1.2) Android Apk Game

1. Copy the Diversion 1.2 (v1.2) Android Apk Game into the Android phone's memory card and insert the memory card into the phone.

2. Download and install Diversion 1.2 (v1.2) Android Apk Game on the Diversion 1.2 (v1.2) Android Apk Game.

3. Once installed, Diversion 1.2 (v1.2) Android Apk Game will display some APK file that is in the memory card.

4. Click the Diversion 1.2 (v1.2) Android Apk Game APK file you want to install. Done.


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