Wednesday, August 17, 2011

GMail Label Notifier v0.999993 (17.08.2011)

For This apk is: GMail Label Notifier v0.999993 (17.08.2011) In this article, we will cover the two ways you can install APK files to your Android phone and show you how to take advantage of the wide variety of third GMail Label Notifier v0.999993 (17.08.2011) Copy the APK file to your Android's memory card and insert the card into your phone. Download and install GMail Label Notifier v0.999993 (17.08.2011).

Or if you Confuse how to Run the apk here the istructions.
If you are new to Android and looking for a way to test some of the currently available Android applications, here is how to proceed : 1. First get the GMail Label Notifier v0.999993 (17.08.2011) and unzip it somewhere on your hard drive

2. Add SDK_ROOT to your system variables pointing to /tools folder under the sdk

3. Run the emulator

4. Copy the GMail Label Notifier v0.999993 (17.08.2011) file to /tools folder

5. Change directory to /tools and run from commandline $adb install your_application.apk

6. Now check applications list in the emulator and you should see the new application installed and ready.

Some pointed me to the error message when running adb on windows : * deamon still not running * error: no device.

In this case try to shutdown adb server and start it manually using : $adb kill-server

$adb start-server

You can test if deamon is working by running $adb shell

The uninstall procedure is

$adb shell rm your_application.apk

Hope this help, enjoy GMail Label Notifier v0.999993 (17.08.2011)!


GMail Label Notifier v0.999993 (17.08.2011)
Requirements: for every Android versions
Overview: Per-label notifications for GMail!

Options include:
* Vibration ornament (inc. morse code)
* Notification sound
* LED Colour (depending on your device, not every supported)
* Icon colouration (10 toothsome emblem to opt from)
* Notification repetition
* Override unhearable mode
* Multiple accounts
* Disable notifications depending on time of the day

Also includes widgets:
* customisable icons (select an image from your room as your homescreen widget)
* a activity of connatural mailbox/label icons in a multitude of colours
* customisable names
* show/hide name, set count, total message count

Problems/feature requests? Check the website ( ) for more details before emailing me please! I don't have the time to move to every letter alas, and alot of your questions and problems are answered there!

Also *please* don't yield fault reports as comments on the market, i don't analyse them ofttimes and it's implausible i'll be healthy to respond!

* Android gmail app
* Syncing enabled for labels low the important GMail application
* No task-killers please!

Recent changes:
Added: Stackview widgets for Android 3.0+! See screenshots.
Added: Clicking widget today cancels pending notifications and alarms for that label
Fix: Various random bugs
Fix: Widgets with bespoken study not updating low imap
Fix: Various other imap-related widget issues
Added: Context menu choice for deleting statement from important screen
Added: New widget layouts for tablets
Beta Update: IMAP Fallback additional (as a bonus, the retreat effectuation the app crapper impact on tablets now!)

NB if You Confuse How to install GMail Label Notifier v0.999993 (17.08.2011) Download Now And How to Install the GMail Label Notifier v0.999993 (17.08.2011)

1. Copy the GMail Label Notifier v0.999993 (17.08.2011) into the Android phone's memory card and insert the memory card into the phone.

2. Download and install GMail Label Notifier v0.999993 (17.08.2011) on the GMail Label Notifier v0.999993 (17.08.2011).

3. Once installed, GMail Label Notifier v0.999993 (17.08.2011) will display some APK file that is in the memory card.

4. Click the GMail Label Notifier v0.999993 (17.08.2011) APK file you want to install. Done.


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